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Rachel Farris

Rachel Farris is new to the Nashville area from Orlando, Florida. She's got a great album out that you can check out on her official website.

Click here to listen to Rachel's voiceover demo (MP3).



Radio Commercials. Video Narrations. Internet Audio. Audiobooks.
Talent Casting. Music and Sound Effect Libraries. ProTools.
Since 1983, Archer Productions, Inc. has produced the
highest quality audio for clients all over the world.

Major Networks Record at Archer Productions

Archer Productions continues to host recording for interviews, promos, and commercials for major networks, both live to disc and ISDN. Call if you have a need to record in the Nashville area.

An NBC promo recorded at Archer Productions.

Speedboat Documentary cuts narration

"How Bad Do You Want It" is a high-def documentary about the 2006 world water speed record attempt by Ken Warby and his boat Aussie Spirit. Santee Video Productions recorded the narration for this program with Nick Archer voicing. Look for it soon on TV.

Archer Productions Hosts Darrell Waltrip

Darrell Waltrip stopped by to record national radio for Pizza Hut and Mountain Dew, and left with lovely parting gifts.

"The Copper Scroll" Radio Campaign

Archer Productions recorded and produced this spot for "The Copper Scroll," by Joel C. Rosenberg. Joe Van Riper voiced this very dramatic radio spot.

Click here to listen.

Mitchell Light, Athlon Sports senior editor, and Bryce Wells,
director of Athlon interactive, work on the Athlon college football
top 25 podcasts, presented by IceHouse. The podcasts were produced by
Nashville interactive marketing firm BrandActivism.

Thomas Nelson Publishing has re-released The Complete New Testament as read by Johnny Cash.

Archer Productions did the recording, editing, and mastering of this classic in 1990. We're glad it's available for sale again.

Click here for more information.


Alice Randall's "The Wind Done Gone"

Alice Randall recorded the audio version of her book "The Wind Done Gone" at Archer Productions. Paul Ruben produced for Full House Studio in New York City.

Click here to purchase "The Wind Done Gone" from Amazon.com

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