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Rachel Farris

Rachel Farris is new to the Nashville area from Orlando, Florida. She's got a great album out that you can check out on her official website.

Click here to listen to Rachel's voiceover demo (MP3).




Ayn Rand's "Anthem"

The Objectivist Institute released this new unabridged performance of Ayn Rand's classic "Anthem," voiced by Paul Meier. Pat Childs was the producer. Music composed and performed by Michael Shapiro. Ethel Gilkey was editor and Nick Archer mastered for Archer Productions, Inc.

Click here to purchase "Anthem" from Amazon.com

"The World of Atlas Shrugged"

The Objectivist Institute released this study guide to "Atlas Shrugged". Edward Hermann narrated and Lynn Redgrave voiced Ayn Rand. Pat Childs was the producer, and Ron Kristy postscored the music. Click here to listen to the introduction.

Click here to purchase "The World of Atlas Shrugged" from Amazon.com

Saint Meinrad Monks release new album.

The Benedictine monks at St. Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana have released "Gregorian Chant for Lent and Easter", a new CD sung in English and Latin. Nick Archer recorded the album inside the Archabbey, which is almost 300 feet long with 90 foot ceilings. The album was mixed and mastered at Archer Productions. Click here to listen to a selection from the album.

Visit the Saint Meinrad website: www.saintmeinrad.edu

"Somehow Form a Family : Stories That Are Mostly True"

Tony Earley's "Somehow Form a Family" audio book was recorded at Archer Productions. To purchase your copy or to read more information about Tony's book, click the link shown below.

Click here to purchase "Somehow Form A Family" from Amazon.com

"Too Dead to Swing" wins APA award.

"Too Dead to Swing", an audio book produced at Archer Productions, won a top award from the Audio Publishers Association in Chicago in early July.The murder mystery set in the midst of a touring all-girl swing band in the 1940's won the "Achievement and Innovation in Production" award from the APA. Author Hal Glatzer gave the acceptance speech, and thanked producer Pat Childs. The fully produced audio book featured sound effects and original music written by Glatzer and sung by Ann Hampton Callaway, who sang the lead in "Swing" on Broadway.

Visit the "Too Dead to Swing" website: www.toodeadtoswing.com

Hear the "Too Dead to Swing"
demo: www.audio-play.com/Sounds/demo.ram

Click here to purchase "Too Dead To Swing" from Amazon.com

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